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Post wait for response

I saw this post from yesterday and am really excited to use Power Automate to wait and grab data from an adaptive card within Teams!

post wait for response

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the actions yet to do this, though it seems from the blog post like this functionality is live? Just wanted to check when it'd be available as I would like to begin testing it!

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I am hoping to take a recurring list of tasks that need to be completed in our organization daily, post this information to a channel in our Teams as an Adaptive Card and append a row to an excel spreadsheet containing the submission data of this card.

This is extra, but if this works I also plan to prevent pushing the tasks every day including days where users don't work ; I am going to use the knowledge I've gained working with the Teams Get Shifts action and only post a message if there is a shift occurring that day. Can't wait to automate this system!

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Adding commas didn't help:. Here's what I'm seeing for actions when I type "adaptive" I'm excited about the idea that we can send, receive, and act on Adaptive Cards data from Teams using the Power Automate interface!

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View solution in original post. This is weird, I am right now reviewing Teams documentation, and both actions are shown as deprecated. Am I missing something? Keep your eyes out, it will be there soon. We have released some templates that you can try though. Search for "Adaptive Cards" in the template gallery. I found the 'posting in channel' new action block when using the Template 'Click a button to post a Microsoft Teams Adaptive Card for lead collection'.

Click for the top entries. Skip to main content. Turn on suggestions.I'm building a new flow to post an adaptive card to a channel. My only issue is coming from using the experimental features. I'm guessing this is supposed to work off the data binding in the Adaptive Cards templating. I can't get the data binding to work and replace the tokens I have in my Card with the dynamic content I'm after.

Also if this is expected to be a future release it would be nice to have an option in the settings for the action to turn off the card editor view. Thank you for your post. From the Power Automate perspective, we have some documentation that outlines the data types available for a the various parameters when using the Post Adaptive card action.

Based on these details, could you confirm that the dynamic content data type matches the same type in the action as seen in the content? This could cause the dynamic value to not be available when trying to use it in the Flow action. You mentioned the the card editor option - is this showing up on the Flow side, the Adaptive card side, or somewhere else?

Issue 1: The only way to use the 'Post and adaptive card and wait for a response' is to put the json template into the embeded card editor.

I know the Adaptive Cards team is working on a templating service that would allow you to pull the Adaptive Card template and use in your project. In order to use these services or even a 'Get file contents' from a SharePoint file we'd have to be able to pass in the template without using the embeded editor. I'm also trying to do some loop append variable to pseudo create a table and the editor doesn't like my ill json formated card at the time of its creation. Issue 2: The mapped data isn't working.

I feel like we're asking the Experimental 'Post card and wait' action to do too much. This would make it possible to bring an Adaptive Card template from anywhere into our Power Automate flow. Click for the top entries. Skip to main content. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

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Labels: Automated flows. Everyone's tags 3 : Adaptive Cards.It takes time for the company to interview people and make decisions. Much better than starting a whole new email for this. The interview follow up steps above will still work, but we need to add one piece near the start. After greeting them by their name, you should thank them for taking the time to interview you. Then you can jump right into step 4 above. Say you enjoyed learning about the position you discussed be specific and refer to it by the job title.

post wait for response

Be clear and direct, and ask for what you want. Send it at lunchtime the following day:. Be up-front and say what you actually want, which I assume is an update on the status. Or, if the employer provided you with an expected date for feedback after the interview, wait at least one additional business day beyond that. This will help you avoid seeming overly-eager when following up. Remember — delays do happen and the decision-making process takes time. So the best thing to do while waiting for a status update is apply for more jobs and try to get more interviews scheduled.

This is why you should keep applying for jobs, because you never know if a company is interviewing 10 other people, considering promoting an internal candidate, or any number of other things that could cost you the job. Do you have a sense of what the timing will look like moving forward?

Or when would be an appropriate time for me to check back in? Give them some time. Then send a followup to the same person, replying to the same email you already sent and keeping the subject line. Please let me know when you get a chance. I might wait even longer though. So if in doubt, just wait a bit. I might wait a full week at this point if it were my job search. Pick the next logical person and send them an email. If you were emailing an HR person before, try the hiring manager or somebody in the department you interviewed in.Adaptive Cards are a platform-agnostic method of sharing and displaying blocks of information without the complexity of customizing CSS or HTML to render them.

post wait for response

Since Adaptive Cards adapt to their host, they are perfect vehicles for sharing information between Microsoft Teams and other services. The following actions enable makers to create Adaptive Cards for Microsoft Teams. As integration scenarios evolve, other hosts will also be supported by Power Automate, which will extend your opportunities to leverage Adaptive Cards throughout Microsoft cloud subscriptions.

Post your own adaptive card as the Flow bot to a user This action posts an adaptive card as a Flow bot to a specific user.

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There is no requirement for the user to be part of a Teams instance to receive these types of Adaptive Cards. Post an adaptive card as the Flow bot to a Teams user, and wait for a response This action posts an adaptive card as a Flow bot to a specific user, like the case presented earlier in this article.

However, in this case the flow run will not continue after the post until the recipient responds to inputs that are required within the card.

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The flow continues after the recipient responds. The flow returns dynamic content for one 1 response per recipient and per card.

Post your own adaptive card as the Flow bot to a channel This action posts an adaptive card as a Flow bot to a specific Teams channel. In this case, you will be prompted for Teams instance, and a channel where the card will be posted. The flow-maker will have to have access to the Teams instance in order to post an adaptive card there.

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Post an adaptive card as the Flow bot to a Teams channel, and wait for a response This action posts an adaptive card as a Flow bot to a specific Teams channel as in the case above.

However, in this case the flow will not continue until someone on the channel has responded to any inputs required within the card.

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The flow will continue once the anyone in the Teams channel responds but will only return dynamic content for one 1 response per responder and per card.

It is not possible to collect data from Adaptive Cards unless they are created using one of the "wait for a response" actions. Learn more on OpenURL buttons. Selecting Action. Submit buttons on a card which doesn't include the "wait for a response" suffix, will throw an error.Streams and asynchronous nature are things that makes Node so special and efficient. Although high chances you may never have to make a synchronous HTTP request in Node, yet knowing this will give you a better understanding of Node and Javascript.

This tutorial assumes you know a bit if these, but if not you can refer to these resources for understanding them :. Consider sending a normal GET request. The request is sent to the server asynchronously, and the response is collected asynchronously.

The code still executes asynchronously. To give it a feel of synchronous style where execution of code following will be prevented, we will need to use async and await. The await operator can be placed before a Promise and makes Javascript to wait till the time promise is resolved or rejected.

Inside the async function the Promise will be "awaited" to get either resolved or rejected. Until this happens, code execution inside the async function will not move forward.

So now in order to adjust the code, we will need to create a separate async function in which we will wait for the HTTP request to be made and full response to come. We are wrapping await inside an immediately-invoked async function so that it executes immediately.

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The try. Combining the snippets from above, we have the complete code that allows us to make synchronous-style HTTP requests from Node. However the await operator inside the async function makes Javascript to wait.

Once "waiting" is finished, the code following that in the async function is executed. Javascript Node. Updated on November 5, Published on May 21, Making Javascript to Wait using async and await The await operator can be placed before a Promise and makes Javascript to wait till the time promise is resolved or rejected.

Complete Code Combining the snippets from above, we have the complete code that allows us to make synchronous-style HTTP requests from Node.

All code MIT license.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. To assist you better I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:.

Method 1: I suggest you to delete the browsing history in Internet Explorer. Method 3: Disable third-party Security Software. Now the third-party Security Software will be disabled. Important Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats.

In most cases, you shouldn't disable your antivirus software. If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software, you should re-enable it as soon as you're done. If you're connected to the Internet or a network while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

Boot the computer in Safe mode with Networking and check if the issue persists. Follow these steps to start the computer in safe mode.

Check if you face the same issue in safe mode. Step 2: Perform Clean Boot. To help troubleshoot error messages and other issues, you can start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs.

Overview of Adaptive Cards for Microsoft Teams

This kind of startup is known as a "clean boot. Important : Reset the computer to boot to normal startup. Note: After you have finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to boot to normal startup.So how should I do it?

The first is nicely shown above, but the con of this is that you have to then display something to the user again AND they have to wait for 10 seconds for something you would have to explain.

The pro to this is that the timing goes on on the client's machine, and thus does not waste processing time on the server, which on anything other than a personal site is a very good thing, otherwise it is just pretty good still worth considering. The second involes a timer on the server there are many ways to implement it, but one of the two simplest ways I included a link to Timer Pros: Guaranteed and the user thinks something is being done on the server.

Cons: It wastes 10 more seconds of processing time on this thread, when it might have something better to do with its cycles. Again, this matters more on something that is not a personal site.

The third method is what I suggest doing: Remove the timer. Why waste the users time? They do not want to wait 10 seconds when they do not have too. Also, if you put the timer on the server than you are potentially making your site slower.

post wait for response

Nine times out of ten, timers like this are unnecessary and only hurt the user in the end. Of course, there is that one time out of ten that you might fall in The con: you lose your timer effect. Picky Reply stevenbey Participant. It is intended for Windows applications and doesn't work with Web applications. However, I agree that the pause should be reconsidered.

I completely forgot about it raising events If you're using VB. Redirect "wherever" Picky Reply bleroy Member. This code will result in two things: 1. You're unnecessarily clogging the ASP. Reply pickyh3d Participant. I warned him that it would be slow. I haven't tested to see if it would actually recycle the process in just 10 seconds.

Picky Reply bleroy Member. Their point is more that browsers should not redirect from markup with no user intervention. They even recommend that browsers ignore the meta refresh. I doubt this will ever happen. Anyway, you should always have an explanation text and a link in addition to the meta refresh, which respects the letter of the W3C recommandation. Didn't they create the standard? Personally, I always thought they were perfect for things like domain changes, especially because they disable the ability to use the back button.

That and obviously to refresh data every so often


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